The View from Up Here

The Holy Spirit calls out to the Church: “Come up higher!”

God is calling us to be a people of a unique view; not simply a different perspective, but a different vantage point as well. God is not calling us to simply be in a different place in the world, but to live above the world, and live above the negative influences it broadcasts.
The Lord is calling us to come up higher, and will you accept this invitation? Will you hearken to the Voice of the One who first called you? Will you hear the voice of Him who has said also: “I have this against you, that you have left your first love.”
Will you reciprocate the love behind His grave concern?
Will you prepare yourself for a superior future?
Will you be open to the blessing He has?

Will you pull the brakes, and make this all stop?
Will you hide from the Voice in the garden?
Will you make for yourself clothes which don’t quite fit? Will you work for the bread that perishes?
Will you work for what does not satisfy? Will you ignore the flashing red sign approaching the intersection?

If you will, then know that you will die for your foolish choice. Are you willing to die for your will? Perhaps not for many years, by the way, but on the day of judgment, God will sort you out from among His people, and as you stand before the King of Kings, He will allow you to do what you have done all along, as you said: “My will be done”, He will say, “Your will be done” as you descend into Hell’s eternal flame.

But today is not that day. If you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts like so many have in the past, but embrace His Word, and embrace His change, as it will yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness, and this fruit will last for all eternity.

Come up higher.
See the view from above the clouds.
Escape to a place where you can obtain strength for the day, mercy for your walk, grace for your need, answer to your prayer.
Come and be transformed as your mind is renewed in His Word.
Come and be transformed as God calls forth the new man inside of you.
Come and be transformed as you leave behind the thing that cannot satisfy.
Trade in the old garments of sorrow for a white robe of rejoicing.
Come up higher and see the view from up here.

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