What to Expect

We understand it can be awkward to visit a new church, so we want to put some of those cares to rest!
You can expect:

  1. To be greeted by more than one person.
  2. To be shown kindness and graciousness.
  3. To not be called upon or called out specifically in the service, unless you give permission beforehand.
  4. To worship God using some of the finest hymns ever written, as well as some choruses.
  5. To hear the Word of God spoken and preached in truth, grace, love and a spirit of compassion and mercy.
  6. To feel welcomed.

Your children can expect:

  1. To be escorted downstairs after the song-portion of the service by their teachers for children’s church.
  2. To have a great time with children of their age-group.
  3. To learn about the Bible using age-appropriate illustrations and materials.
  4. To learn fun songs about God, Jesus and the Bible.
  5. To have a light snack during their class time.
  6. To have a time of prayer in each class.