Service Times

We have three weekly services at Laurens Pentecostal: Sunday Morning, Sunday Evening, and Midweek Service on Wednesday. Each of them serves a distinct purpose for the health and development of the church, as well as serving the unique schedules of the membership who may not be able to make it to one service or another.

Sunday Services: OneAccord

Sunday School begins at 10am each Sunday morning and is taught by either Pastor Ronnie Barnes or Leah Turner, our director of Women’s Ministries. We use the “One Accord” curriculum year-round, and have found the Lord to speak mightily through it.



Morning Worship begins at 11am each Sunday morning. You can expect to hear the finest of hymns being sung to the Lord, as well as some choruses. You can also expect that following the song-portion of the service, your children have a place to go to be ministered to as well by several who are skilled and educated in children’s ministry.


Sunday Evening Service begins at 6pm each Sunday night. We sing hymns, Pastor Ronnie shares a short devotional thought, then we pray for the remainder of the service. We do not have Sunday night services on Sundays where we have a meal following the morning service

Wednesday Service


Wednesday Bible Study (Midweek Service) begins at 6pm and is led by Pastor Ronnie. The format involves: Prayer, singing hymns, children dismissed to children’s care, and then one of the following:

  •  Study through one book of the Bible, one chapter at a time, for each service. In the past 4 years, we have covered Hebrews, Galatians, Romans, the Gospel of John (with DVD accompaniment), Acts, the epistle of James, and 2nd Peter on two different occasions.
  • Topical study, not part of a series.
  • Book curriculum, such as: “Let Us Worship” by the late B.E. Underwood, or Jim Cymbala’s “When God’s Spirit Moves”.
  • Topical series, such as: Defending the Faith (Evangelization techniques, responding to claims of false religions or false teachings); Prophecy and End-times discussion; Answering common questions about Christianity, or particular questions submitted by congregation.