If I told you revival was good I’d be lying…It was super good! I felt like I might have been on Azusa St! For those of you who don’t know where that is look it up! Anyway, revival was just what it said it was…REVIVAL! I felt a newness on the inside after each service.

Pastor Bucklew let us know in no uncertain terms that we need to tell our story! It’s not for us, its for someone else going through the same thing. Tell what God has done for you, what He’s brought you through.  Your story may be just the story that sets someone free and brings them out of darkness. Shame? Don’t be ashamed…that’s what Jesus came for so we don’t have to be ashamed…Luke 4:18

Night 2…Pastor Justin Holder…straight from God! What are you preparing for? Are you preparing for your future or your past? Are you preparing for what is to come or what used to be? Whaaat? I never thought about it like that! We must prepare for the next great thing God wants to do in our lives. I say great because everything…everything God does in our lives is great!

God tells us to be content but He also tells us not to be complacent.  We have to press on for the higher calling.  When we know better we have to do better! Old ways of doing things won’t sustain us for something new.  Jesus told us” No one puts new wine in old wine skin.” (Luke 5:37) Jesus didn’t call us to live a life of frustration but a life of abundance! Change isn’t easy but it’s necessary. Allow change to become a part of your life.  New visions die in old mindsets…Renew your mind!

On day 3 Pastor David Miles wrapped it up real nice.  God is not  a concept or an idea…He’s a person! How do we know God? We go to His Word! We seek Him wholeheartedly, study His Word and keep Him! God is in control and He makes everything work in our lives.  In Genesis 1:28 God called us to be stewards over everything.  He put THE BLESSING on man from the beginning; but He gives us a choice.  We can choose to participate or not to participate.  When He let’s us participate it turns out right! If you don’t take what you know and apply it, it means nothing!

This was three days of Holy Ghost filled, anointed words of God’s truth being spoken by God’s faithful servants.  I cannot leave out the Shepherd of this house.  Pastor Ronnie Barnes who allowed God to use him in lining up these powerful ministers of the Gospel.  He taught us five things we should never forget as God’s own:

  • Don’t forget who God is
  • Don’t forget who you are
  • Don’t forget Whose you are
  • Don’t forget what you have
  • Don’t forget where you are going

Until next time stay up and be encouraged…God is not finished with us yet!



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