How Much is ‘Enough’?

Work something out with me here, for a minute, will ya? Choose the best word: ‘Covetousness’. Too stoic and brash, right? Kinda archaic? How about this one, in place: ‘Unthankful’. Too harsh now? Um… *let’s keep looking* How about we try another one, then: Idolatry. Too spiritual? That one hurt, too?! Well then, I don’t … [Read the rest…]

Prince of Peace

World peace is a nice idea, isn’t it? Most people consider that it will come about, perhaps, through a few different methods: Enough treaties: eventually one sticks, and peace is accomplished. War: The greater offenders against peace are sufficiently weakened to a place of subjugation by the greater stock of countries desiring peace. A messiah: … [Read the rest…]