God, Our Source

It is far too common for grandchildren to look at their grandparents as a simple source of sustenance, or an extra little influx of cash from time-to-time; this is sad, and unfortunate for everyone involved. The grandchildren grow to consider their grandparents in an incomplete and caricatured way, considering them not as people, but as … [Read the rest…]

A Blank Check

Who remembers that 90’s Disney movie, “Blank Check”? In it, a pre-teen boy who happens to be a “computer whiz-kid” gets hit by a mobster-on-the-run who, not wanting a confrontation with the cops, hands the young man a blank check. Hilarity ensues in this kid comedy tour as the main character splurges on a mansion … [Read the rest…]

How Much is ‘Enough’?

Work something out with me here, for a minute, will ya? Choose the best word: ‘Covetousness’. Too stoic and brash, right? Kinda archaic? How about this one, in place: ‘Unthankful’. Too harsh now? Um… *let’s keep looking* How about we try another one, then: Idolatry. Too spiritual? That one hurt, too?! Well then, I don’t … [Read the rest…]