Reflections On Easter

What Easter is: An innocent man, Jesus Christ, died. He died in our place; we should have received what He willingly took upon Himself. He alone was fit to do this, being without sin, being the Son of God, God in human flesh. He alone was the only one worthy of not dying, being without … [Read the rest…]

White Friday

As so many families did yesterday, I also enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family. The food was just like yours — the drinks, the entrees, the desserts — all very familiar, i would think. And there is something else that happened which i would hope is also commonplace at a Thanksgiving get-together: giving thanks. And i … [Read the rest…]

Mentoring: More Than Just Passing the Baton

The topic of mentoring has been on my mind a lot lately. I have read a couple of books on this subject, listened to many speakers riff on its importance and give their particular takes on it — heard some brilliant ideas, received and been a witness to some top-notch execution of mentoring, and facilitated … [Read the rest…]